Day Procedure Unit

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Our Chemotherapy Unit is a day unit with capacity to treat up to 10 patients at any one time.

The unit has a combination of beds and chairs for the comfort of our patients.

Our staff work as a team and are dedicated to ensure the highest quality of holistic patient care.

We endeavour to treat each patient as an individual and act as the patients’ advocate, in conjunction with family and significant others.

For safety reasons, children are required to be supervised in the treatment area.

Prior to your treatment

Blood tests are normally required prior to your treatment.

Please note, if your blood counts are low, your chemotherapy may be delayed until it is safe to administer the medication. This may include your treatment dose being reduced, therefore the chemotherapy may not be available on your planned day of therapy.

Your treatment day

We encourage you to be accompanied by someone for your appointments to the Oncology Clinic or Chemotherapy Unit.

Please always bring a small supply of pain medication or other essential medications with you, as we are unable to provide these within the unit due to limited stock.

Various information booklets are available within the unit explaining your treatment and its possible side-effects.

In the Chemotherapy Unit, hot and cold beverages will be served throughout the day, accompanied by a light lunch. You are welcome to bring in your own food to suit your own dietary requirements.

Various allied health services are also available on request.

Further information

Operating hours

6.30am – 8.30pm, Monday to Friday

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