New South Terrace home for sexual health clinic

STC team:Jan-Marie Grantham, Dr Lewis Marshall and Donna Keeley
STC team:Jan-Marie Grantham, Dr Lewis Marshall and Donna Keeley
August 12, 2015

Fremantle Hospital’s sexual health service has moved into its new home in A Block, with the location chosen to provide patients better access to services and to target young people more effectively.

The move to the front of Fremantle Hospital reinforces the key role the sexual health clinic will have at the hospital.

Sexual Health Consultant Dr Lewis Marshall said the new location aimed to provide more access to services, particularly for young people, as patients could come directly off the street into the Clinic without having to navigate the main hospital.

“While it is easy to locate, the South Terrace Clinic name was chosen so that people would not have any stigma about attending the service,” Dr Marshall said.

“By locating the sexual health service in a standalone clinic we can also provide more targeted information for our patients in the waiting rooms and we plan to decorate the inside and outside of the building to appeal to young people who are the majority of our clients.”

Patients do not need a referral to attend the service and all treatment is free, including those without a Medicare card such as travellers.

Services are provided by nurses, a nurse practitioner, doctors and a clinical psychologist.

Young people under the age of 26 can also attend a Wednesday afternoon walk-in clinic without an appointment.

The centre can be contacted on 9431 2149.