A voice of thanks

Fremantle Hospital Senior Speech Pathologist Gillian Penman (left) and Howard Sattler in a treatment room
Howard Sattler with Fremantle Hospital Senior Speech Pathologist Gillian Penman.
August 25, 2016

Radio personality Howard Sattler has used Speech Pathology Week to publicly thank Fremantle Hospital’s speech pathology team for restoring his voice following radiotherapy treatment for throat cancer.

Speaking to the Melville Times, Mr Sattler credited the service for the intensive speech therapies which have given him confidence to consider a return to broadcasting later this month.

Read more about Mr Sattler’s story (external site).

Speech Pathology Week, which ran from 7 to 13 August, aimed to raise awareness of those in our community who have a communication or swallowing difficulty and the important role of speech pathologists.