Hand hygiene at the right time saves lives

Hand Hygiene badge
May 8, 2015

Every year Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI) affect hundreds of millions of patients and their families around the globe. Good hand hygiene practice by healthcare workers is the simplest and the single most effective intervention for preventing HAI.

Celebrating 10 years since the World Health Organisation (WHO) launched the “Clean Care is Safer Care” campaign, this year’s theme is “hand hygiene at the right time saves lives”.

On Tuesday 5 May, South Metropolitan Health Service sites raised awareness about the importance of improving hand hygiene performance to achieve better patient outcomes.

Staff and consumers at Rockingham General Hospital will promote the importance of hand hygiene in the hospital with an interactive display to illustrate how clean your hands are. Patients won't miss out, with dedicated information about the hospital's processes and procedures for maintaining hand hygiene compliance amongst staff.