Rockingham celebrates Speech Pathology Week with the aid of new technology

August 29, 2014

As part of Speech Pathology Week, patients from the Rockingham General Hospital dysarthria therapy group joined staff for morning tea and the launch of new technology to aid communication.

Department Coordinator Imogen Davies said we live in a world where speech and communication are taken for granted.

“Imagine if you could not speak. That’s the challenge that confronts over 1.1 million Australians every single day”, she said.

The Speech Pathology team at RGH work with patients suffering from a variety of communication disorders including aphasia and dysarthria.

People who suffer from aphasia, a condition caused by damaged to the parts of the brain that control language, have varying degrees of difficulty remembering words and may lose the ability to speak, read, or write; while dysarthria affects a person’s ability to control or coordinate the muscles used for speaking.

“Our aphasia and dysarthria therapy groups provide patients with these difficulties an opportunity to learn and practice their communication skills and strategies in a real life situation.”

“They also enable patients to build friendships with other people in the community who face similar communication challenges.”

At this event, the Speech Pathology team were pleased to launch an iPad, technology which has been shown to enhance the rehabilitation process. This new technology, donated by the RGH Executive Director, will be used within therapy sessions and utilises a range of applications specifically designed for speech and language therapy.