Rockingham Hospital welcomes new CT scanner

Man and woman standing in front of CT scanner
Rockingham Peel Group Chief Medical Imaging Technologist Rowan Lambert and Executive Director Kathleen Smith
June 19, 2017

The Rockingham General Hospital Medical Imaging Department now boasts the latest in CT scanning technology.

Chief Medical Imaging Technologist Rowan Lambert said the hospital’s newly installed 256 slice CT was clearer, faster and quieter than previous technology.

“This next generation technology also significantly reduces the patient’s radiation dose,” Rowan said.

A problem area for CT scanners is the interference caused by metal implants such as hip replacements, making the images less clear. 

“The new scanner’s metal reduction software gives a much more detailed view, not previously possible on our 64 slice CT scanner,” Rowan said.

The unit also has an increased weight capacity and wider bore, allowing the department to scan more bariatric patients who would have previously been transferred to Fiona Stanley Hospital.