Return GHAWA trip shows progress in infection prevention

GHAWA, Infection Prevention and Management, Tanzania, Hand Hygiene
RGH Clinical Nurse Specialist Ann Whitfield demonstrating hand hygiene to IP&M course participants
June 13, 2014

A return trip to Tanzania proved to be a positive step in developing awareness, knowledge and practical application of hand hygiene and infection prevention.

While it’s been two years since Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) Ann Whitfield and Sue Thomas first delivered their Infection Prevention and Management (IP&M) program to clinicians as part of a Global Health Alliance WA (GHAWA) program, they recently re-visited the region to continue their research and deliver another 4-week IP&M course.

The most recent course was based on World Health Organisation targets and covered topics such as environmental cleaning, water, sanitisation and sterilisation.

Clinical Nurse Specialist Infection Prevention and Management Ann Whitfield said participants included educators, nursing assistants, pharmacy and laboratory staff as well as nurses and midwives. They represented four different healthcare sites, including acute and community settings.

“The multidisciplinary group provided a unique aspect to assess understanding of IP&M across professions,” Ms Whitfield said.

“We helped participants develop specific targets for improvements in their clinical area,” said CNS Pain Management Sue Thomas.

“Witnessing first-hand the course participants actioning their targets and teaching colleagues about IP&M was one of the most rewarding moments of our trip,” said Ms Thomas.

The original Infection Prevention and Management program has since featured as a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Infection Prevention.

Ann and Sue shared their most recent experience with colleagues when they presented at the hospital’s grand round in June.