'Mood, Move and Munch' aids patient recovery

Two woman standing, with one holding a bowl of fruit
Senior Physiotherapist Nicola Spagnolo and Pharmacist Kathryn Stevens facilitate the Mood, Move and Munch program at Mimidi Park.
March 17, 2017

A Rockingham Peel Group initiative aimed at encouraging healthy lifelong habits is making a positive difference in the recovery of mental health patients.

The weekly Mood, Move and Munch program, facilitated at Mimidi Park, provides comprehensive education around medication use, healthy eating and physical activity.

RkPG Senior Dietitian Melinda Wright said the program is particularly useful for patients starting medications which can cause weight gain and the potential to develop metabolic syndrome.

“The aim is to educate patients at an early stage about the potential side effects of medications and how they can develop healthy lifelong habits,” Melinda said.

“Feedback from patients has been very positive and it highlights how various professions can collaborate for better care.”

The program was developed and facilitated by dietetics, physiotherapy and pharmacy.