Getting to know Friends of RGH

Three women wearing blue aprons standing in front of hospital concierge desk
Friends of RGH volunteers Charmaine Holt, Grace Stewart (President) and Jean Lockhart
September 22, 2017

The Friends of Rockingham General Hospital (RGH) are a group of friendly volunteers who help patients and visitors at the hospital with wayfinding and other support services.

Currently there are 62 Friends of RGH volunteers providing services including:

  • a concierge desk 
  • support to parents whose children are having day surgery
  • donation of knitted knee rugs, teddies, baby clothes and ‘fiddle’ squares
  • toiletry bags for patients in  need  – last year they supplied more than 900 bags!

You can recognise Friends of RGH volunteers by their blue aprons and friendly faces at the concierge desk inside the main entrance.

Next time you visit RGH, don’t hesitate to ask a Friend if you have any questions or need assistance finding your way – or simply stop and have a chat!

In just the last month, the concierge desk assisted 3,805 patients and visitors with wayfinding and general enquiries.

Rockingham Peel Group thanks Friends of RGH for all they do for our hospital.

For more information about the Friends of RGH, visit the Volunteering page.