Fresh new look for no smoking message

Four hospital staff stand in front of signage that reads "Welcome to Rockingham General Hospital. You are now entering smoke-free grounds. Thank you for not smoking while you are here."
Manager Adult Community and Allied Health Services Mark Burrows, Anaesthetist Technician Megan, Consultant Anaesthetist Nik Fernandes and Senior Health Promotion Officer Nadine Radin
August 16, 2019

Colourful new no smoking signs have been installed across all Rockingham Peel Group sites.

The unique signs went up on Wednesday.

Incorporating local plants to reflect the environment, the signs were designed to be more eye-catching and meaningful than standard no-smoking signs.

Manager Adult Community and Allied Health Services Mark Burrows said the aim of the new signs was to promote good health across the community.

Mark said smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke were proven health risks, and an occupational health and safety issue.

“The most effective way to protect our staff, patients and visitors from the adverse health effects of second-hand smoke is to provide a smoke-free environment,” Mark said.

Senior Health promotion Officer Nadine Radin said the signs were part of a multi-pronged approach to improve community health including the free nicotine Replacement therapy (NRT) offered by care teams during hospital stays.

The therapy combines patches with short-acting NRT including mouth sprays, inhalers or lozenges to increase patients’ chance of stopping smoking.

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