Endocrinology and Diabetes Service celebrates 10 years

Members of the Rockingham Endocrinology and Diabetes Service team raise their hands in celebration
Patient Alan Filipelli (centre) celebrates with the Rockingham Endocrinology and Diabetes Service team
March 20, 2017

Living with diabetes has not been easy for Alan Filipelli, but help from the Rockingham Endocrinology and Diabetes Service has made a big difference to his ability to manage the disease.

The service celebrates its 10th birthday today and Alan is just one of thousands of patients it has helped.

The clinic provides diabetes education services, consultant-led clinics, dietetics, psychology, podiatry and a Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) satellite service.

The result is a multifaceted support network of health professionals capable of monitoring every aspect of a patient’s wellbeing.

Alan said living with insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes meant meticulous monitoring of his food intake, blood glucose levels and exercise.

“If you don’t stick to your regime or you get sick with the flu or another common illness, things can go astray,” he said.

“The great thing about this service is that they know me and my history – so if something goes wrong they know exactly how to deal with it.”

Alan said the team also provided much-needed support to his wife and family.

The service has strong links with allied health services, ophthalmology, psychology, GPs and community health services – helping to deliver collaborative, patient-centred care. 

Head of Service Dr Ken Thong said the team was proud to provide such an important service.

“Our dedicated team of clinicians, some of whom have been with us since the beginning, are a talented and knowledgeable group who take great pride in their work,” Dr Thong said.

“Diabetes can be challenging to manage alone. To know we have made that journey a little bit easier is incredibly rewarding.”