Employment options brighter

May 15, 2015

Jobseekers in the Rockingham Peel area will benefit from a new local partnership developed to assist individuals with a mental illness to obtain employment.

The Individual Placement and Support (IPS) service partnership between Rockingham Peel Group and Forrest Personnel was launched in Rockingham this week.

Executive Director Geraldine Carlton welcomed the introduction of the service to the region.

“The World Health Organisation has highlighted that people with a mental illness have poor outcomes for gaining and maintaining employment,” Geraldine said.

“This service will offer people who live with mental health issues a significant opportunity to realise their employment goals and potential.”

Anthony Collier, Co-Director Mental Health Service said the service will be run with an experienced employment service that focuses on promoting independence and inclusion.

“This can only mean a brighter future for many in our community,” Anthony said.