Consumers heard at Rockingham Peel

Consumers heard at Rockingham Peel
July 10, 2015

The community has a stronger voice in relation to local health service provision, following the appointment of new members to the Rockingham Peel Group (RkPG) Community Advisory Council (CAC).

Executive Director Geraldine Carlton welcomed seven new members who will join the existing group in playing an active role to provide a community and consumer perspective to RkPG services.

“Our CAC members often have first-hand experience of what it feels like to be a patient, or to care for someone who is a patient at one of our services,” Geraldine said.

“We now have sufficient CAC members for consumer representation on all our committees and their perspective will be reflected in our service planning and delivery.”

Education Safety Quality and Risk Manager Chris Cullen explained RkPG services deliver care across five local government areas spanning suburban and rural communities.

“Our aim, as the CAC matures and develops, is to reflect the diversity of these communities including representatives for youth, Aboriginal and other cultural groups,” Chris said.

“We have recently formalised links between our CAC and Mental Health Guidance Group, and this is an important step towards embedding consumer and community engagement in all aspects of our health service.”