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The South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) is changing the way health care is delivered in Perth’s southern suburbs.

These changes will increase the ability of our health services to meet the growing health needs of people living and working in the south metropolitan area and across the State.

By mid-2015, health care offered in some hospitals will increase and some services will move to other facilities.

Not every hospital in the south metropolitan area will offer every clinical service. Instead, SMHS will provide hospitals and health services with expertise to better meet your health care needs.

Fremantle Hospital

From 2015, Fremantle Hospital will be a 300-bed specialist hospital focused on providing high-quality aged care, mental health, secondary rehabilitation, planned surgery and specialist medical services.

As a specialist hospital, some services have been transitioned to other hospitals, including Emergency Department and obstetric services.

Our services will include:

Aged care

Geriatric and rehabilitation services

Critical care

Intensive care unit (ICU) to support elective and planned surgery 

Elective surgery

General surgery, including elective and short-stay procedures

Plastic surgery (hand procedures)

Vascular surgery

Orthopaedic surgery, including major joint, upper and lower limb and short-stay procedures

Anaesthesiology and pain management services

Ophthalmology surgery, including non-admitted patient review and eye condition management

General medical

General medicine for inpatients and outpatients

Endocrinology, including diabetes clinics

Sexual health services

Gastroenterology, including endoscopy

Mental health                    

Inpatient and community mental health services for adults and older adults

Neurology, stroke, spinal and rehabilitation

Rehabilitation services

Ortho-geriatric rehabilitation

Other outpatient and inpatient services

Pathology, radiology and pharmacy services


Our network

We aim to deliver high-quality and safe health care to people living in Perth’s south metropolitan area.

If the services you require are not available at Fremantle Hospital, then you will be referred or transferred to another hospital or health service that can meet your needs. This may be another facility in the south metropolitan area or elsewhere in Perth, depending on your requirements.

From 2015, we will offer health care services at:


Armadale Health Service

Bentley Health Service

Fiona Stanley Hospital

Fremantle Hospital

Murray District Hospital

Peel Health Campus

Rockingham General Hospital

Royal Perth Hospital


       Tertiary hospitals provide the highest level of care, often treating those with serious
 injuries or life-threatening conditions.

       General hospitals provide various services across a range of medical specialties to meet
broader health needs.

      Specialist hospitals provide specific health care services, such as mental health, aged care,
rehabilitation and elective surgery.


Our approach

Our focus is on ensuring you receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place, by the right team.

All of our hospitals and health services work together. As a result, you may receive your health care at more than one hospital or health service. For example, you may receive your initial surgery at a tertiary hospital and your follow-up care at another hospital closer to your home.

Be assured, regardless of the location, you will be referred to the right hospital or health service to meet your needs.

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Information correct as at November 2014.


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