Values & Mission

The South Metropolitan Health Service’s vision is to provide seamless access to innovative, safe, high quality health care through:

One Focus:

  • Our patients and the community – improving patient care and population health outcomes.

One Team:

  • Developing collaborative networks and partnerships
  • An integrated approach across professions, sites and services, sharing knowledge and expertise, recognising and building on strengths.

One Service:

  • Alignment of resources, systems and processes across the health service to achieve our goals.

Rockingham Peel Group’s objectives can only be met through the dedication of our greatest asset – our employees. Working together with a common vision will ensure our success.

The Health Services’ Vision, Mission and Values mirror those of the WA Health Code of Conduct. These statements identify values that are held as fundamental in our work and describe how they are translated into action.


Healthier, longer and better quality lives for all members of our local communities.


To improve, promote and protect the health of members of our local communities by:

  • caring for individuals and the community
  • caring for those who need it most
  • making best use of funds and resources
  • supporting our team.


  • Care
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

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