A smooth move for Palliative Care in Peel

June 12, 2015

Peel palliative care patients have begun a smooth transition to Silver Chain’s Hospice Care service ahead of the official 1 July transfer date.

Following the announcement in March that Silver Chain would assume delivery for palliative care services in the region, clinical care for current Peel Community Palliative Care patients is being carefully handed over to their new health care team in a phased approach this month.

Geraldine Carlton Executive Director Rockingham Peel Group (RkPG) said the respective RkPG and Silver Chain teams have worked hard to ensure this is a smooth process with minimal impact to our patients.

“Patients will be introduced to the Silver Chain team at a joint in-home visit which includes a handover of their clinical care and family/carer situation and a medical review from a Silver Chain doctor,” Geraldine said.

“A number of staff from our PCPC service have secured roles with Silver Chain and so along with the enhanced service, many patients will receive nursing care from a familiar face.”

As part of this change, all new palliative care patient referrals for Peel patients are now being managed by Silver Chain.

The Hospice Care Service only accepts referrals from medical practitioners. Doctors can make a referral 24-hours a day by calling the Silver Chain Customer Centre on (08) 9242 0242 and completing a referral form. Full admission criteria can be found on the Silver Chain website (external link).

Ms Carlton confirmed the change in service provider will provide enhanced access to medical expertise and after hours support for Peel patients and their families.